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Options Available When Looking To Replace Your Taps

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Although taps are highly functional, they are typically not on homeowners' radar when it comes to home maintenance. As such, you will tend only to think of taps when one of yours stops functioning altogether. However, taps are crucial not only for providing you with water, but also for your utility bills. If you are using old, dated taps, chances are they will be springing leaks and this will only lead to an inflation of your water bills. This is why it is prudent to ensure your taps are always in good condition and to replace them in the event they are showing signs of disrepair. Here are some of the different options that are available to you when looking to replace your taps. 

Metal taps

Metal taps comprising single or double faucets are the most common option used in residential properties. Single faucets are one of the more economical options in the market. They are made up of either one lever or one knob, which is then turned in one direction for hot water and the opposite direction for cold water. Double faucets, as the name suggests, will come with two knobs or two levers. Each knob or lever will be assigned to pour out either hot water or cold water. Although single faucet taps are cheaper, double faucet taps tend to be more convenient. This is because they give you the chance to mix the water temperature to your suiting by opening up both knobs or levers simultaneously. As such, double faucet taps are better suited for kitchen sinks, bathtubs or showers as these would require the use of water with regulated temperature. Single and double faucet taps come in an array of metals including brass, stainless steel, copper and more. 

Plastic taps

A mistake some homeowners make when purchasing taps for the outdoors is assuming that any type of knob or lever will do. The truth is that indoor tapware will not fare well when exposed to the outside elements. As such, if you are looking to replace an outdoor tap, you would be best suited opting for plastic taps. These are ideal for garden use, in the backyard, in a shed and more. Plastic taps are resistant to corrosion, which makes them better ideal for use in wet conditions. By investing in a plastic tap, you would not have to contend with rust developing and invariably contaminating your outdoor water.