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Appliance Spare Parts: 4 Refrigerator Spare Parts That You Must Know

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A refrigerator can break down at any point in the course of its useful life. When this happens, you do not just dispose of your equipment as it can always be restored. You only need to engage appliance services to determine which parts of your refrigerator need replacement. 

As the appliance owner, it is helpful to understand all the most common refrigerator replacement parts. This will help you decide whether replacing some parts or buying a new appliance altogether is more cost-effective for you. Below are the most common appliance parts for your refrigerator that you can replace without breaking your bank.

1. Evaporator Fan Motor

Your refrigerator requires this part to circulate cool air evenly. When it stops functioning, you will notice warm air on the rest of the appliance while the freezer remains cold. As such, your fridge works hard trying to keep cool. In return, your cooling appliance starts to produce noise, indicating that something is wrong and needs to be replaced. 

2. Thermistor

As the name suggests, these appliance spare parts are responsible for temperature control in your fridge. It measures the current temperatures inside and feeds it to the control board. Should it stop functioning for one reason or the other, that is when you notice freezer malfunctions. The food there freezes beyond the required levels, which can be annoying when you need to cook. Call in a technician to replace it.

3. Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser is another part that is a notorious cause of noise in your refrigerator when there is a problem. This part here is the one that protects your fridge from overheating. It helps keep temperatures at par.  Sometimes the problem could be due to debris build-up on the blades. Other times it could be the bearings. Your technician can decide to fix or replace the whole part.

4. Water Inlet Valve

For the ice maker to work, it requires pressurized water at 20 psi from the water inlet. If this part malfunctions, it won't push enough water through the valve and into the ice maker. If cracked, your fridge may start leaking. Once this part is down, you cannot fix it. Replacement is the only solution.

You are probably feeling like an engineer now after knowing these parts and their functions. It is good to know about these common appliance spare parts. That way, you can even self-diagnose the problem before the repairer gets there. Additionally, this information will help you find low-cost options.

For more information, contact an appliance parts supplier in your area.